Predict, market and measure.

With our AI and data based algorithm, we make it easy to administrate and execute all marketing activites for bussineses in one single platform.


Complete overview of all the marketing activities.

Cost effective

Cost effective for you and your business.

User friendly

Easy and user friendly platform setup.

Marketing channels

More than 10.000 different marketing channels.

Measure data

Measure all your marketing data in one place.

AI strategies

AI generated strategies for your target audience.

Execute one place

Execute all ads from one single place.


24/7 hour marketing support from specialists.

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Execute everything from one place.

We make it easy to predict, execute and measure all your marketing activities in one single platform.

  • Insert your company data including target audience and marketing budget.
  • Revive our AI generated marketing strategy that suits the needs of your business within 2 minutes.
  • Execute the generated marketing campaigns easy and simple on up to more than 1.000 media channels.

Our success is measured by results.

We are the first to create an AI and data-based algorithm that makes it easy to execute all marketing activities for businesses on a single platform. We keep track of all the data from all your different marketing funnels and channels, so you can focus more on your business. Our platform gives you an easy insight in all the data collections made from your marketing results of on going and previous campaigns.

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    A marketing platform powered by AI technology

    You can easy create new marketing campaigns for your business according to your target group and marketing budget. Our AI and data based algorithm makes it easy to save a lot of costs and time on marketing, and give access to more than 10.000 different media channels.

    • Easy targeting of audiences with our data based audience generator.
    • All the marketing data and analysis you need within a click away.
    • Detailed generated marketing campaigns tailormade for your audience.

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    Welcome to a marketing platform that gives small and medium sized businesses the best insights in the most profitable marketing strategies.

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